Monthly news review

This post reviews news in the month that has passed.

Xamarin 3 Enterprise Edition Reviewed

Is cross-platform native GUI development a reality? Forms is something I’d be eager to adopt. Xamarin licensing is a bit on the expensive side of things though, and aimed squarely at enterprise developers that can afford it.

DMV Lays Out Rules Governing Self-Driving Car Tests

If you live in California, you’re now one step closer to riding a self-driving car. The rest of the world will probably benefit too. Google has been making a lot of press this month with their new self-driving car. That its brand has surpassed Apple in value is probably attributable to projects like these, and the good-enough smartphones.

Microsoft announces 12-inch Surface Pro 3, wants to replace your iPad & MacBook

Wish I could replace my laptop, though I think it is hard to beat the one I currently use in versatility. Care to guess which one?

Xiaomi’s 49-inch Android TV boasts 4K for just $640

Xiaomi already sells an Android powered TV, but this one has an incredible 4K display.

Motorola Says It’s Time to Ditch the Feature Phone, Intros $129 Moto E

Not satisfied with the price point achieved by Moto G, Motorola has launched Moto E. Lenovo must be pleased. Motorola has had to make a few trade-offs. Moto E has only 4 GB of internal storage and no front-facing camera. To its credit it comes with a microSD slot and Android KitKat.

GitHub open-sources all of its Atom text editor

Imagine Google Chrome as a full-fledged development environment. Atom is eminently customizable and already has a huge number of packages. Need Lua script editing capability? Just search for Packages with “lua” in their name and install.

Apple Launches Recycling Program for All Old Products

Have old Apple gadgets that friend and family refuse to accept? Apple will now take them back for free or a credit towards new purchases.


Plant that responds to touch

Check out how this plant responds to touch.

These kinds of plants have been an object of study in the area of biomimicry.