Moto E

Moto E

I just bought a Moto E for my daughter. At R$ 360, approximately $ 140, it is quite cost-effective. It’s in white, has digital TV, and comes with a couple of extra back covers. Here’s what I like about it in comparison to an LG L40 (D175F) I bought almost a year back

  • At 1 GB, it has twice the RAM of the L40
  • 5 MP back camera that, sadly, lacks autofocus
  • A 4.3 inches, 256 ppi (540 x 960 pixels) display

One thought on “Moto E

  1. Looks like Motorola is redefining the budget Android phone. The new Moto E has:

    • A quad-core processor
    • 8 GB internal storage
    • Front camera (albeit VGA only)
    • Autofocus in rear camera
    • 4G LTE
    • Android 5.x Lollipop

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