Mac OS X tips

This is an ever expanding list of tips for Mac OS X. Leave a comment below if you have tips of your own to share.

Go to a folder in Finder

Hit Command-Shift-G and type in or right click and paste the folder path.

Go to a folder in Terminal from Finder

Start Terminal. Type “cd ” without quotes. Drag folder from Finder (or its status bar) to Terminal. You can also open Terminal directly from Finder. Head over to System Preferences, Keyboard, Shortcuts, Services, and enable New Terminal at Folder and/or New Terminal Tab at Folder. Selected option will appear under the Services context menu of an item in Finder when you right click on it.

Goto to a folder in Finder from Terminal

Type the command

open .

Connect to WiFi and continue using your wired internet connection

Head over to System Preferences, Network, Set Service Order, and raise Thunderbolt Ethernet (or any other interface) above WiFi.

Live webcam feed in a web meeting

To show a live webcam feed on your screen, try Photo Booth (comes preinstalled). Most off-the-shelf USB webcams work just fine with Mac OS X and Photo Booth.

Combine multiple PDF documents

You can use to Preview to combine multiple PDF documents, rearranging and leaving out pages you don’t need…

Go to folder in Spotlight Search

Once you’ve searched for the document and it is highlighted, keying Enter will open the document, keying Command+Enter will take you to the folder where the document is located.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Fn+F11 reveals the desktop. Useful to quickly drag some files on to the Desktop or vice-versa.


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