A Kindle for your eyes

I have gone from reading on the Smartphone to reading on a Kindle Paperwhite (second generation). Here’s what I like best about it:

  • A bigger screen than my Smartphone, so I don’t have to hold it close.
  • Much lighter than my iPad, which I also use to read PDF documents on some occasions (besides my laptop).
  • Uniform brightness, hurts less while reading in the dark. After reading in night view on my Smartphone, I can see dark lines for a while after closing my eyes. I also have difficulty focussing on distant objects after a prolonged reading session on the Smartphone.
  • Syncs my personal docs, and books purchased from other publishers in MOBI format. Even syncs furthest location and highlights.
  • Pinch to zoom works all right with images and PDF documents. I prefer reading PDFs in landscape mode, so I can avoid constantly having to pinch to zoom. PDF is such a bad format for small screens, I’m trying to avoid it altogether.
  • Send to Kindle Chrome extension works beautifully, to send content I want to read later, straight from the browser to the Kindle. The content is also cached in Personal Documents.

I am liking my Kindle so far, and wondering why I didn’t get one sooner. I think I was waiting for a reader from Amazon worth buying. The Paperwhite is that reader.


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