OS X Mavericks

Just updated to Mac OS X Mavericks from Mountain Lion. My biggest concern was Parallels Desktop, but version version 8 is still working all right with Windows 8.1 as guest OS. Maps and iBooks appear in the Dock right after the update. Calendar looks different but beautiful.


Is this how your circuits arrive?

TKJ Electronics did a very bad job of packaging and shipping this circuit to Brazil. They placed it in a bubble mailer envelop and shipped it. One of the headers is soldered wrong too. I paid them extra to solder the headers, a choice I now regret.


Wireshark migrating to Qt

Wireshark on Mac OS X is downright ugly. It requires XQuartz, an X11 port for OS X. Wireshark have announced that they have begun a steady migration to Qt. The move has its critics, and backers. I back whatever looks better than it currently does. As Miguel de Icaza of Xamarin points out, it is possible to look good on Mac OS X with the Gtk+ port for Cocoa. So what gives?

PyCharm 3.0 Community Edition

PyCharm, now in its third edition, is an excellent Python IDE from the folks at JetBrains, the creators of IntelliJ. It has a Professional edition, and a fairly competent Community Edition (CE) available for free. The latter edition is an open source project hosted at GitHub. Professional edition has support for various frameworks such as Django.

I find editing, refactoring, executing, and debugging Python code very effective. The integrated Git support is also quite good, although I couldn’t get it to work with my remote repository for some reason. I’ll be using PyCharm CE for Python programming going forward.

Visual Micro is an alternative IDE for Arduino

For those doing any kind of Arduino programming, and searching for a better IDE, Visual Micro is the answer. It is a Visual Studio plugin that makes coding Arduino sketches much easier. Visual Studio has always had an excellent code editor for C/C++, but it is pricey and requires you to be a Windows user. If you’re interested, download and test the Visual Micro plugin. If you don’t own Visual Studio, the plugin also works with the free Atmel Studio 6.1 IDE.