What I need in my next laptop

I use my laptop for work. I also use my iPad for work, but also for play. If my laptop is to remain my primary computing device, it needs the following as soon as possible.

  • It has to be lighter
  • It needs to transfer less heat to my lap, in spite of heavy use
  • It has to have a screen with a resolution of 200 PPI or better
  • It needs to have lots of physical memory, but be responsive when swapping to disk
  • It needs to run all my Windows apps
  • I need to be able to develop for the Mac and Linux, besides Windows

You may be reading this and saying, you can go out and buy a MacBook Pro with retina display. You will be right, a MacBook Pro has in fact been declared the best Windows laptop. Now, I so wish I could pay for that at Brazilian prices.


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