Table manipulation in Lua

In Lua, arrays are tables. Tables can be iterated over using inbuilt functions such as pairs. Tables can have indexes other than numeric values. The example below creates two tables, adds contents of one to another, then prints the data in the resulting table.

table1 = {
  ["red"] = {Description="Red", RGB=0xFF0000},
  ["green"] = {Description="Green", RGB=0x00FF00}

table2 = {
  ["blue"] = {Description="Blue", RGB=0x0000FF}

for color,val in pairs(table1) do
  table2[color] = table1[color]
  -- or table2[color] = val

for color in pairs(table2) do
  print(string.format("%06x - %s", table2[color].RGB, table2[color].Description))

Here’s how the output looks. The order in which the colors appear is entirely unpredictable.

0000ff - Blue
00ff00 - Green
ff0000 - Red

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