What my iPad needs

I love my iPad. The retina display is all I was hoping it would be. Print replica books and magazines appear really nice, and there is no need to perennially zoom in and out. I can see why Apple used the form factor it did. It makes a lot of sense.

Here’s what my iPad needs to become more useful to me.

More browsers

Safari is good. It just has a slower upgrade cycle than Chrome and Firefox. I think iPad deserves a more varied set of browsers, instead of browsers that just embed Safari. I am a big fan and user of Google services. Although most do a good job of supporting Safari, certain features are only supported in Chrome.

Bluetooth mouse

I know, iPad is touch-based and all that, but a mouse would make access to remote PCs a better experience. I don’t want to carry my PC everywhere I go. I also see the PC migrating to the cloud, eventually.

LogMeIn is one example of a remote client that does a good job of replacing a mouse with touch gestures, maybe I’ll get used to it someday. I still think a mouse has better accuracy and control for certain tasks.

Full-featured apps

I can understand why most apps adapted for the iPad suck, they are derived from the code base of their Smartphone brethren. I think it is time for the apps to better use the large screen estate and provide more features. I don’t want to switch between apps and their full-featured web counterparts, all the time. For social and communication apps where notifications are important, I can’t see myself using only the web interface either. Unless the browser apps some day integrate into the notification infrastructure of the operating system.

More flash memory

I can see the iPad replacing my laptop some day. The 64 GB flash memory limit is just not enough if and when that happens.

Phone app

I don’t have 3G or LTE on my iPad since I use it mostly at home with WiFi. I would if it had a phone app though. I don’t understand why it does not have a phone app. I don’t really use a phone that much but emergencies do happen. Who knows I may even just carry my iPad (with a headset) instead of both a phone and an iPad.


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