App Store

In this post, I’ll record my experiences with the (iTunes) App Store, particularly relating to multiple accounts in different countries. I hope to keep it updated, but if you find something has changed do leave a comment.


You can purchase and download Apps using several accounts, across different countries, and they coexist on the device with no apparent issues. I have an account in the US App Store, that I created when there was no App Store in Brazil. I pay for Apps using Gift Certificates or Codes, that I purchase when I travel to the US.

I also have another account linked to the App Store in Brazil, where I pay using a credit card. Unfortunately, all purchases are charged in US Dollars (USD). I am thus subjected to exchange rate variations, and an additional tax imposed by the Brazilian government called IOF, which is currently at 6.38%. The Google Play store is no different in this respect.


Apps can be gifted. The App Store sends a redeem code by e-mail to the person receiving the gift. Unfortunately gifting only works within the same country. Thus, I cannot gift an App to a person who has an account with a different country, even though the App may be available for purchase there. Which is sad, since I have friends and kin in other countries.


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