Scientists like big words, engineers like acronyms. Designers, well, they like elegance, good ideas, simplicity, style, and so on. They don’t use big words. So when I see a word like skeuomorphism being thrown around, I imagine scientists not designers doing it. And scientists know zilch about selling. If they do know anything about selling, they are business-men not scientists any more.

Getting back to the “big word” that is the object of this post. I recently read an article highlighting why “big word” is bad in software interfaces. There are any number of people and reasons cited, that I will not repeat here. Go read the article. They criticize Apple for using “big word” like a lot of blind men feeling an elephant. Now see, there lies the problem, see the picture below.

Have you seen the insides of a Gulfstream? I haven’t. See the picture below, it should hopefully suffice. It is “visual masturbation” at its best.

The Apple Store does not just sell a device, it sells a lifestyle. That philosophy permeates everything. The hardware, software and the stores. It sells, and thrills users. I have personally never had any issues with “big word” in Apple software, nor have I heard non-technical users having had a problem with it. Why is that so hard for the scientific designers to understand. I can only blame it on a lack of understanding of selling a lifestyle.

Don’t like BMW? Go elsewhere. Don’t want to buy the Apple lifestyle? Likewise, go elsewhere.


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