Kindle vs iBooks


Is it just me? The mobi format book open in Kindle (on the left) doesn’t look as good as the epub format book open in iBooks. Both apps are set for night view for some late night reading.

Here’s what I find better with iBooks (epub):

– The text caption below the figure is better aligned to the figure

– There’s more text to read on the screen (having chosen the smallest font size in both apps). The text font can be changed too.

– Night view shows figures with a lower contrast, better on the eyes

– Search books

– Copy text from the book to other apps

– Smaller file size (4.7MB) than mobi (5.6MB)

I don’t know how the Kindle native format (prc) compares to mobi. The Kindle app may also be less feature-rich on the iPhone.


4 thoughts on “Kindle vs iBooks

  1. hei dev, why did your RSS do not load completly on RSS Readers (ex: Google Reader). I use to see this kind of thing to force users to go to the website (with some advertisements)… but I dont think it is your case :)

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