Search for a personal finance app

Some things I look for in a personal finance app:

  • Backup
  • Split transactions
  • Define own categories
  • Reports and charts based on categories
  • Budget based on categories
  • Recurring transactions or reminders
  • Multiple currencies

I am moving from a life tethered to a PC to a life tethered to a Smartphone. In that spirit I was in search for an iOS app that had most of the above. I think I may have found it in the form of PocketMoney. I have tried their Lite version and things look good.

I do wish the app had:

  • A report or view to show missing checks – a workaround is to filter based on the transaction ID and look for any missing check #.

In the past I have used JGnash and MoneyDance. MoneyDance will not allow me to go Smartphone only. Their desktop app has recently been updated and I’ll have to pay to get the latest version.


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