Spiritual dream?

I am not a very religiously inclined individual, even though I come from a family whose ancestors have been Hindu priests. I also do not attach much significance to dreams, in fact I find it hard to remember them. The experience I recount in this post has not changed me much in that respect, but it has given me peace of mind. I hope everyone has a similar experience, whether they believe in the spirit or not.

Four years back, my Dad had been suffering from a terminal illness. As soon as he discovered that fact, I made it my prerogative to go visit him. I was with him for twenty frustrating days and then I had to leave – work, wife and kids can be left behind for only so long. I had no idea how much longer his suffering would last. I just hoped it wouldn’t be much.

Two weeks passed, when one morning I woke up from a series of dreams, earlier than I usually wake up. For some reason I had the intuition that Dad was passing away. I received a call from my sister an hour later saying that he was critical, and a couple of hours after that telling me that he had passed away.

Source: PremiumPsd

It was an unusual experience to say the least. The first dream can be described as a spiritual experience, and it was the second dream that jolted me into wakefulness. If it was not for the second dream I suppose I would have slept longer and forgotten the first.

In my first dream I attended a door and saw an ivory-faced individual peeking at me. The facial features resembled that of my Dad.

I will not go into the details of my second dream, but just say that it involved a loved one drowning, and a rare father will not wake up from such a dream.


iOS Tips and Tricks

Inspired by the article at Techcrunch here are some more tips:

  • Four fingers drag up (iPad) – brings up the app switcher.
  • Five finger pinch (iPad) – shows the home screen.
  • Go to Settings, select General, then select Accessibility; turn Assistive Touch on, and it will add a floating home button to your screen.
  • In the keyboard, touch and hold a key to bring up special characters associated with that key
  • Moving icons around and want to exit the squiggly icons mode without using the home button? Pull down the notification center.

The God Dependency

I have a God dependency. It appears when I am going through trying times, a turbulent flight for instance. It mostly leads me to happiness, on rare occassions it leads me to sadness, and sometimes to guilt. For some, it can be obsessive in nature, to the point of making them slave to it, making them want to depend on the will of God for everything.

What is God?

I envision God as infinity, a point beyond which my imagination cannot seek, a point that is the ground zero of my neural network, a moral North star. I see God as the limitless expanse of the universe, a void, filled with energy that coalesces into matter, that forms life. Life that is conscious of itself, quite unlike simple matter, as far we know, and capable of contemplating everything and nothing, infinity and void.

Search for a personal finance app

Some things I look for in a personal finance app:

  • Backup
  • Split transactions
  • Define own categories
  • Reports and charts based on categories
  • Budget based on categories
  • Recurring transactions or reminders
  • Multiple currencies

I am moving from a life tethered to a PC to a life tethered to a Smartphone. In that spirit I was in search for an iOS app that had most of the above. I think I may have found it in the form of PocketMoney. I have tried their Lite version and things look good.

I do wish the app had:

  • A report or view to show missing checks – a workaround is to filter based on the transaction ID and look for any missing check #.

In the past I have used JGnash and MoneyDance. MoneyDance will not allow me to go Smartphone only. Their desktop app has recently been updated and I’ll have to pay to get the latest version.