Audio on PandaBoard

There is a workaround to enable audio on PandaBoard. Execute the following commands and reboot.

sudo alsaucm set _verb HiFi 
sudo alsaucm set _verb Record 
sudo rm /var/lib/alsa/asound.state

3 thoughts on “Audio on PandaBoard

  1. Please offer more details on what this does, why you suggest doing it and what condition it cures. I am having problems with sound on my Gentoo Pandaboard, and this is so far the closest thing to instructions about how to fix sound on the Pandaboard that I’ve seen yet. Suffice to say, it didn’t work because /usr/share/alsa/ucm doesn’t exist. I’ll work on that.

    1. Hi! I was unable to use line-out before the workaround. The audio input jack is line-in so plugging a mic produces very low audio. A USB webcam with microphone solved the mic input problem for me. I am not too familiar with alsa ucm to be able to comment on why the workaround is needed though. If you are able to find an answer do leave a message. I may want to try out Gentoo on my PandaBoard.

  2. I found that the alsaucm stuff was completely unnecessary, however, there were some rather important settings that need to be instituted. What worked for me is:

    amixer cset name=’DL1 Mixer Multimedia’ 1
    amixer cset name=’DL1 Media Playback Volume’ 118
    amixer cset name=’Sidetone Mixer Playback’ 1
    amixer cset name=’SDT DL Volume’ 120
    amixer cset name=’DL1 PDM Switch’ 1
    amixer cset name=’HS Left Playback’ ‘HS DAC’
    amixer cset name=’HS Right Playback’ ‘HS DAC’
    amixer cset name=’Headset Playback Volume’ 13

    This of course is only for the playback. The program ‘aplay’ will now work with the following command line:
    aplay -t wav SomeSillySong.wav

    I have yet to get the input working. Supposedly you can set the input to be a microphone jack and not a line in by not using the FM pathway through the TWL6040. See this site:

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