Playing raw PCM audio using Audacity

Audacity has always been my favorite tool to do simple sound editing. I turned to it to play raw PCM audio captured by a sniffer I am writing. Here’re the steps to import raw PCM audio in Audacity:

1. Run Audacity

2. From the Project menu, select Import Raw Data…

Update: In newer versions of Audacity go to File menu, Import, Raw Data…

3. Select file with PCM data

4. Audacity tries to best guess the parameters required for importation. You’ll need to change some of them, at least the Sample Rate

5. Click Import


5 thoughts on “Playing raw PCM audio using Audacity

  1. I found that leaving the “Little-endian” setting and changing only the sample rate to 16000 worked on my .pcm file as recorded by “virtual recorder” app on my Samsung Galaxy 4s.

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