Apple app store favorites

I did’nt imagine I would find a device so much fun. An Apple iPod Touch 4 I bought last year has turned into one of my favorite time wasters, my daughters love it too. It is also a wonderful productivity tool. My old Windows Mobile smartphone has seen its usage plummet, except occasionally as a GPS or for tethering my PC to the Web.

I have listed below some of my favorite Game and non-Game apps. It is hard to place them in any particular order, so I have just ordered them alphabetically. I have also mentioned the price I purchased the app for, if it wasn’t free.


Angry Birds (99c)

This game is at the first position of the Top 25 list for several months now, it deserves its ranking.

Cat Physics

This a recent one for me, I grabbed it for its price (free) but already like it a lot.

Cover Orange

This is another favorite of mine and of my daughters.

Cut the Rope (99c)

My daughters love this one.

Fruit Ninja (99c)

I don’t find myself playing it much, but it is so good that I had to buy it. I am crazy for fruits and it makes my mouth water.

PES 2010 (99c)

I am not much of a football fan, my elder daughter is. I bought this game during the holidays for its price, but it keeps my daughter entertained, that makes it good enough for me.

Pocket Frogs

I have to admit, I am addicted to this game, it is my topmost time wasters. I am at only 13% of the achievements, which means I will be wasting quite a lot of my time over this one.

Talking Tomcat

This one is a favorite with my younger daughter. She loves poking the cat, talking or laughing at it, hear it repeat all of it back at her, you get the idea…


Documents To Go (9.99)

A convenient tool to view and (sparingly) edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations (Premium edition only) . I have not been able to project presentations using a dock connector to VGA adapter.


Makes it a breeze to get files into and out of the device. Requires an internet connection though.


Social networking is quietly taking over from other means of communications, particularly email. Facebook is leading the charge and this app is a must have.

Free Graphing Calculator

Free graphing calculator for the Math buff. It has a full-features scientific calculator, 2D graphing functionality, a reference section with math formulas, and some other niceties tucked away, such as a triangle solver and a polynomial solver.


Helps to get things nicely aligned, like a square ceiling light fixture aligned to the walls around it.


Book reader with PDF viewing support.

iHandy Level

If you do any kind of work around the house that requires a perfectly horizontal or vertical surface, and you don’t have a level, this is a decent replacement.


Forward your flight and hotel booking confirmation to and a trip is created, all information is conveniently synced to the app on the device.


A place to store those pesky passwords and PIN codes.


Read your Kindle books on the device. Nothing fancy, just as it should be.

Merriam Webster

Nice free dictionary. You need to be online to use some features such as voice search and audio pronunciation.

Network Ping Lite

For the geek. It also has a simple telnet console.


News reader. Makes sharing to Facebook a breeze.


It was good for voice, now it also does video.


Listens to a song and identifies it for you.


iCal does not have task lists, this app fits the bill.


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